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“Jack Spann was a bona fide star on the Webster University [St. Louis] campus...He might blanch at the idea, but on what was then a much-smaller campus, everyone knew that he was one of the bright lights of the music department, someone who was a steady, gigging player around town at night while taking classes during the daytime. On occasion, that meant playing dates just down the street at the bohemian Webster Grill & Café, where he’d play music of all stripes, often with musicians far more experienced than he.

Of course, they all saw and heard something special in his talents. Once departing Webster, Jon Rosen (aka Jack Spann) embarked on a variety of projects in St. Louis, notably as part of the early version of Vitamin A, a group that achieved an admirable run of local and regional success. He then took the risk that many musicians undertake, moving to New York. As someone able to play across a wide range of styles, he’s been able to craft a unique and fascinating career as Jack Spann, still maintaining his desire to play originals, while serving as an accomplished sideman, studio player and live accompanist.” - Thomas Crone - STLMag.com

From his days at the brand-new Venice Café to his recent run on Broadway with the show War Horse at Lincoln Center Theater - as "Song Man" in Lost Highway, the Hank Williams Story at the Little Shubert Theater, and in solo shows in venues like Ars Nova, performing music from his original musical, "Stained,” Jack’s talents have crossed many musical and artistic boundaries.

As a versatile pianist and mulit-instrumentalist, Spann has been honing his craft in NYC clubs such as the Sidewalk Cafe, Living Room, Bar 82, Bar 4, Trash Bar, Otto's Sunken Head, Hank's, andThe Path Cafe. Having performed in Seattle, Saint Louis, New York and beyond, Jack has been composing the music that will soon be released as his third full length solo studio recording, in April 2017.

Jack Spann’s music can be described at times dark and introspective, laden with emotion, grit and passion, both down-to-earth and eclectic. Produced by Gary Tanin (Sam Llanas, Daryl Stuermer, Roger Powell) the record represents a body of work packed with heartfelt examinations of everyday lives, conveying ecstasy, empathy and ferocity. Spann’s music has been compared to authentic pre-fame versions of Elton John or Billy Joel, James Taylor, Ray Charles, Ben Folds or even a latter day Joe Jackson.

Jack Spann’s’ Albums Time, Time, Time, Time, Time, The Beautiful Man From Mars, and BackCatLog are available at Amazon, I-Tunes, You Tube, and other fine outlets.